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How To Get Rid Of Puffy Bags Under The Eyes

The Secret To Reducing and Getting Rid of Puffy Bags Under The Eyes



Our skin takes on a different structure when we age and its this tissue structure that supports the eyelids which deteriorates and weakens. The skin is not as elastic as it once was.

It’s for this reason that the skin starts to sag and the fat that use to be contained around the eye shifts to the area below the eye. The fat creates the bags under the eyes. There is also an accumulation of fluid in this area making the under eye area appear more puffy and swollen.

Factors contributing to this could be:

  • Hormone levels
  • Eating too much salt
  • A lack of sleep
  • Could be down to heredity
  • Allergies or dermatitis

Eyelasticity buy nowThere are many products on the market that help to prevent and even cure dark rings under the eyes. These can be anything from creams to face gels and cosmetic collagen fillers. More natural ways can be sticking cool cucumber slices or a bag of frozen peas on your eyes.

Some products like Eyelasticity have proven to not only help the dark rings around the eyes but also the fine wrinkles. Eyelasticiy is a scientifically fromulated serum that has proven to treat:

  • Dark rings under the eyes
  • Appearance of crows feet and laughter lines
  • Puffiness and Bags around the eyes
  • More aggressive wrinkles
  • Promotes healthy Collagen and Elastin
  • Moisterizes and softens

Coupled with all this the skin around the eyes will look thicker, firmer and far more youthful. You will notice there will be less sagging and bagging and those dark circles will dissapate.

This can all be achieved in as litlle as 4 weeks.

Does Eyelasticity Work – Is it Possible to Get Rid of the Bags Under Your Eyes

Clinical studies of Eyelasticity produced results where under eye puffiness was reduced in 95% of the test subjects. 70% of the subjects saw a noticeable difference in as litle as 14 days.

Bags under the Eyes

The depth of the of the wrinkles were reduced by 20% with 21% improvement in skin smoothness. What was most significant was that the Dark Under Eye Circles improved by 35% while the puffiness and bagging was reduced by 32%

Increased Collagen Production

One of the key nutients to healthier skin is Collagen as it helps to rebuild the elastic structure of the skin. Using Eyelasticity was shown to increase Collagen by 1,190%. This resulted in much smoother and firmer skin.

Eyelasticity is a cream that has its ingredients chosen for very specific resons. Each one having a direct effect on your skin which helps to:

  • Prevent fluid accumulation
  • Strengthen the skin under the eyes
  • Improve vascular health
  • Reduces blood clotting under the eye
  • Strengthen the dermal layers
  • Protect against free radical damage


The Active ingredients of Eyelasticity that make it so effective are:

  • Eyeserl®
  • Syn®-ake
  • Regu®-age
  • ProCollOne+®
  • Hydrolite 5
  • Beta Glucan

For more information on these you read about it here:



How Does Collagen Help In Anti Aging

Collagen The Secret Ingredient To Younger Looking Skin

You may have noticed that most Anti Aging Skincare Products on the Market mention Collagen in there marketing material and ingredients. The reason for this is that Collagen plays a very big part of the whole Anti Aging market.

Collagen is located in the Fibrous tissues in our body like skin, tendons and ligaments and to a smaller degree the bones and blood vessels. Collagen key strength is in the strengthening of the blood vessels which gives skin it elastic qualities. You could look at Collagen being like the structure within your skin and the stronger it is the tighter your skin looks. As we age this framework weakens and the skin starts to sag in areas.

collagen supplements

The area most prone to collagen breakdown is under and around the eyes. This comes in the form of fine lines and crows feet. The skin in that are is very thin so is susceptible to initial the collagen breakdown. It makes sense to invest in a good quality anti aging eye cream that will help to rejuvenate the collagen in that area.

As collagen breaks down the older we get it makes it one of the most popular vitamins the require topping up. Collagen supplements, like the natural collagen supplement by LifeCell, can help nourish your collagen to prevent its break down.

It goes without saying that a good diet goes along way to keeping your skin healthy and collagen levels high than if you don’t eat properly. Its a proven fact that grains like wheat and sugar, will break down the proteins (collagen) in your body and accelerate aging. Processed food can speed up the effects of aging on your skin as its likely to break down collagen and the natural proteins in your body. Another thing that should be avoided is Sodium as it causes water retention in the skin making the appear saggy.

skincareOne of the biggest dangers to our our skin is over exposure to Sun. The sun will speeds up the degradation of collagen over time. A good example were the publishing of pictures that showed long distant truck drivers and how much more the side of their face aged depending of which side faced the sun.

See article here

Collagen is truly the “glue” that keeps us together, so to speak. Collagen keeps your skin tight and firm and is teh holy grail in terms of skincare products when looking at ingredients.

There are many Collagen products on the market and come in various forms. It can be taken as a capsule or ingested in liquid form. There is no harm in adding it to your daily nutritional intake.

Considering the above its important that a healthy diet and avoidance of the sun is crucial to healthier looking skin.  That is all fine but you can do more and you should. To support your collagen levels you can also apply anti wrinkle creams. Anti wrinkle creams such as the LifeCell anti wrinkle moisturizer by LifeCell, have proven to help keep your collagen levels healthy.

LifeCell cream uses deanol and hyaluronic acid. Deanol is the only ingredient that is proven to be help improve your natural production of collagen. Deanol sinks through the outer layer of your skin and works beneath the dermis to provide nourishment for your collagen.

Hyaluronic acid has been shown to support natural collagen as well. Using anti aging treatments will add to your efforts to keep your skin healthy.